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We’ve expected that Gavin Newsom would hand-select an opponent to run against us for reelection. What we didn’t know is he’d send his own personal aide parachuting into our district.

Jessica Morse, a “deputy secretary” for Newsom who resides in downtown Sacramento, has resigned her position and declared she is now a full-time candidate running against us in the Third District. The tagline of her announcement: “Kevin Kiley is a problem.” 

She might as well have added, for Newsom. As the NRCC notes, Morse is an “extreme liberal” and a “Gavin Newsom Lackey.” To get her going, Newsom has set Morse up with Eric Swalwell’s campaign manager. 

I don’t usually ask for your support within the body of a blog post, but I have to make an exception today. This is a direct attack not just on me, but on all of us. Given what’s at stake for Newsom, Morse’s campaign will be heavily funded and willing to do or so anything to stop us.

Today, we can make an overpowering statement that we are ready to fight back. In truth, it is critical that we do so. You can help us make the strongest possible statement at this link.

In attacking our record, Morse even had the audacity to say: “I think this community is looking at that and saying, ‘enough.’” We must show just how wrong that is. We can do so with a record-breaking day of citizen support.

Morse rolled out her campaign in an “exclusive” interview with the Sacramento Bee. Her first talking point was to oppose parents rights and rail against our local Rocklin School Board. She then rehashed a litany of the DCCC’s fictional attacks against us from last year.

It’s no coincidence that this comes two weeks after the California Democratic Party – essentially run by Newsom – organized 5 “Kick Out Kiley” rallies across the district. This is a no-holds-barred assault on everything we have fought for. I am more than ready for the fight.

Help us make a powerful statement in response to Morse’s campaign announcement