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The year began with a key victory. We succeeded in forcing out the President of Harvard, Claudine Gay. As I discussed in an interview on Fox, this is about more than one university. It is a moment of reckoning – a turning point – for all of American education.

The year also began with a new accolade for Gavin Newsom. He’s achieved a historic four-peat, with California yet again leading the nation in one-way outbound U-Haul rentals. (My district is an exception; people are coming, not going, as we’ve rejected Newsom’s model of failure). 

Newsom keeps reaching new lows. The famous Sweet Lady Jane bakery is closing all six of its LA stores, while Adidas became the latest to abandon San Francisco. Newsom also insisted on giving free healthcare to everyone here illegally despite a staggering $68 billion deficit. 

Yet somehow, Biden still thinks it’s a good idea to copy Newsom. Tomorrow he will release an “Independent Contractor” rule modeled on Newsom and Julie Su’s infamous AB 5 law. This is the most troubling example yet of California’s disastrous policies going national. 

The livelihoods of millions of Americans are now at risk. I will be introducing legislation to repeal Biden’s rule under the Congressional Review Act. Chair Foxx and I are also demanding Biden select a new nominee for Labor Secretary after the Senate “returned” Julie Su’s nomination.

Meanwhile, events are moving quickly in DC this week. On Wednesday, I’ll be part of a Judiciary Hearing on holding Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress. There will also be a first impeachment hearing for Secretary Mayorkas as the crisis at the border has reached a breaking point.

Finally, on a personal note, I want to thank everyone for your well wishes on my wedding. It was a perfect end to 2023. 

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