We’ve just learned Gavin Newsom and the Legislature will ram through a new law, AB 152, to give him total control over the date of the Recall vote. That this is unsurprising doesn’t make it any less chilling.

Newsom and his enablers are changing the rules for his own Recall in the middle of the game. They cheat in plain sight then wonder why people lack trust in our elections.

So far, they’ve delayed the vote using a corrupt law from 2017. For instance, they added six weeks to bully people to withdraw their signatures. (The number who chose to do so: 42. That’s less than the number who will win the Newsom Vaccine Lottery.)

Newsom thought his best chance was to put the vote off until the state “opens.” Now he’s decided waiting too long presents other risks. So he’s changing the law to set the election exactly when he wants.

His top supporter in the Senate said this explicitly: “If you’re forced to fight an unnecessary battle, at least do it on your terms,” he wrote, citing future “threats” like “fires” and “school reopening” as a reason to hold the election earlier than the law currently allows.

If the vote is in September, as now appears likely, we have about 100 days to save California. Get ready for the campaign of a lifetime.

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