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Gavin Newsom’s lawyers have inquired about a settlement in our case. We have one simple condition: he admits to violating the Constitution and agrees to stop.

Ours is the only case so far where there has been an adverse ruling against the Governor. James Gallagher and I are representing ourselves, and as legislators we’re uniquely positioned to seek redress: Newsom’s one-man rule has most directly usurped the power of the Legislature, and by extension, the people we represent.

But at least 30 other lawsuits have been filed. Most notably, the California Supreme Court is directly taking up two cases challenging Newsom’s school closure order – something the court rarely does. 

Other active cases include:  

  • Abiding Place Ministries v. Newsom: One of several suits challenging the Governors’ restrictions on congregation and worship as a violation of religious freedom.
  • Brandy v. Newsom: Challenges the closure of gun stores as violating the 2nd Amendment.
  • Armstrong v. Newsom: Claims the Governor’s Stay-at-Home Order constitutes detention without due process of law, in violation of the 14th Amendment.
  • Givins v. Newsom: Challenges the denial of a permit to protest at the Capitol
  • Six v. Newsom: Alleges a variety of harms, including a couple who can’t visit their son with special needs, a student who can’t attend graduation, and a woman who had to delay her wedding.
  • Business Closures: Several suits challenge the forced closure of different types of businesses, including yoga studios, salons, gyms, beaches, hotels, furniture stores, and wedding venues.

California’s Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, loves to boast about how frequently he uses taxpayer dollars to sue the President – now 90 times, he breathlessly declared in a recent email. But the lawsuits against Gavin Newsom by his own constituents may be on pace to exceed this total, without drawing on public funds.

The Legislature could easily make all of these lawsuits unnecessary by passing my Resolution, ACR 196, to end the State of Emergency. But instead, legislators have chosen to take a four-month recess.

With the executive branch out of control and the legislative branch asleep at the wheel, it falls on the the judicial branch to guard our constitutional form of government and our most basic liberties.

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