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In our court battles against Newsom, he’s insisted a State of Emergency “centralizes the State’s powers in the hands of the Governor.” But what happens if those hands are clutching a margarita south of the border?

In that case, he abdicates the throne. With Newsom vacationing in Cabo this last week, the Lieutenant Governor took his place. Then yesterday, she also left California. The Senate President is third in the line of succession and assumed the governorship.

So as we’re supposedly embroiled in a State of Emergency, both Newsom and the Lt. Governor abdicated all responsibility for any “emergency” response. If this isn’t a reason to pass ACR 46, my resolution to terminate the emergency, I don’t know what is.

Alas, Newsom did return last night. He came back to see he’s successfully gotten a court to halt the vaccine mandate for his big union donor. At the same time, he remains the only governor imposing a mandate on kids. It’s hard to imagine anything more corrupt. 

What’s more, a new study finds “striking evidence of declining overall cognitive functioning in children” from masks and other COVID measures. Ending the emergency will mean a return to normal schooling. It can’t wait another day.


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