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Congratulations to Gavin Newsom. California now has the nation’s worst unemployment out of all 50 states. Newsom adds this to other accolades: most poverty, homeless, U-Haul rentals. When Reagan said California “should never take second place,” this isn’t what he had in mind.

Another Newsom first, of course, was the longest school shutdowns. Even the NY Times just acknowledged what a calamity this was. Armed with the Times’ brutal findings, I gave a speech on the House Floor today condemning Newsom for the worst political failure of the 21st century.

On the brighter side, we had a very successful committee hearing yesterday. My Resolution to overturn Biden’s national version of AB 5 passed on a 21-13 vote. My Free Speech on Campus Act also passed the committee, as did legislation I’m sponsoring to support charter schools.

Meanwhile, my letter to the “Ignorant 50” – universities that still have COVID vaccine mandates – is reverberating across higher education. It has generated wide press coverage as several of the universities are now finally dropping their mandates. 

This comes as 600,000 people have now signed the petition to End Prop. 47.  With a month to go, we’re on pace to qualify for the ballot over Newsom’s fierce opposition. If you requested a petition, it’s on the way; if you know others who want one, just share End47.com.

And the Supreme Court will hear the Grants Pass case on April 22, after I filed a brief urging the Court to reverse the 9th Circuit. The circuit court’s decisions, covering western states, are responsible for rampant homeless encampments in public spaces. 

These two measures – overruling Newsom on crime and the 9th Circuit on homelessness – could be a new birth of sanity for California.

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