I want to thank everyone who has encouraged me to run in the Recall election. I can’t tell you how humbled and appreciative I am.

I got involved with the Recall in a supporting role: to help support the countless Californians who worked tirelessly, heroically, to build the greatest citizens movement in our history. I didn’t do so with any intention of being a candidate.

As I’ve traveled the state, I’ve had the chance to meet many of you in person. I’ve listened to your input, and have learned so much. I’ve thought about what it will take to get our movement across the finish line. And I’m ready to play whatever role gives us the greatest chance to make that happen.

To that end, Orrin Heatlie, the Lead Proponent of the Recall, has offered to organize a committee of Recall leaders to explore that question: whether my candidacy would best serve the goals of removing Newsom and bringing the fundamental change California needs.

At this point, much about the race remains unsettled. That includes the election date, which is looking like September but could be November. The field is also still taking shape. For instance, former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell is still considering a bid, and he’d be an immediate frontrunner.

So before taking any formal steps, I’m going to trust in the citizens who built this movement. Orrin’s group will account for all dynamics in advising on the best path forward. And I’d love to hear from you directly – just sign up at the bottom to get my email address.

Running for Governor is never something undertaken lightly, and that’s especially true at this moment. Any candidate must approach the task with the greatest measure of humility and the highest sense of responsibility.

But also, with a sense of possibility: an earnest excitement for what we can achieve together, as we endeavor not just to fire America’s worst governor but to save America’s greatest state.

We’ve already made history. Now comes the fight for California’s future.

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Kevin Kiley is a Republican California Legislator fighting back against the Supermajority and Special Interests at the State Capitol and Washington D.C. Sign up for updates to be part of our growing movement, and join other Californians of patriotism, decency, and common sense who want nothing more than to save our state and our country.