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Last week, the CDC added COVID-19 vaccines to the “recommended immunization schedules” for children. The stakes in the midterm elections are now even higher.

Importantly, CDC Board Members emphasized that the decision itself is not a mandate:

The decision around school entrance for vaccines rests where it did before, which is with the state level, the county level and at the municipal level, if it exists at all. They are the arbiters of what vaccines are required, if any, for school entry. 

In other words, whether we have a child vaccine mandate for COVID depends on who holds political power after November. 

Right now, California is the only state with a K-12 mandate “pending.” That’s because after we defeated Senator Pan’s mandate bill earlier this year, a humiliated Newsom withdrew his own version but kept it on the books for possible future implementation.

If he thinks he can get away with it – and if he remains Governor – Newsom will undoubtedly re-activate the mandate for the next school year. That’s why we must elect candidates at every level who will fight against it, including these 200 candidates I’ve endorsed for school board.

My own opponent is a radical mandate enthusiast. Kermit celebrated Pan’s SB 277, which eliminated exemptions for child vaccinations. He expressed “excitement” about vaccinating five-year-olds for COVID and described opposition to mandates as “fear-mongering.” 

If Kermit prevails, he and Newsom will try to cast the election result as a mandate for the mandate. Our victory, of course, will send precisely the opposite message. The rights of parents truly are on the ballot like never before.

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