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UPDATE 5:06 PM: I’ve just received word that AB 455 is dead for the year.

The new language of AB 455 still is not in print. The Legislature adjourns next Friday. Apparently it will take less than 10 days to decide if we’re a free society.

I’ve been asked how a toll road bill could magically become a vaccine passport bill. The answer is our Legislature is a sham. This “gut and amend” trick is one example.

As a legislator, I’ll do everything I can to stop this bill. As Governor, I’ll terminate the State of Emergency – and there’s nothing the Legislature can do about it.

That’s the most consequential action a new Governor can take. It will leave decisions to the most local level there is – that of individual citizens. 

As citizens, you should be able to think about your Governor with pride. But you shouldn’t have to think about your Governor much at all. Everything should just work. Your life should be yours to live.

Traveling the state, I am continually inspired by the amazing volunteers who made the Recall a reality. Thank you for believing California is worth fighting for.

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