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By California Legislator Kevin Kiley

The State Assembly was set to reconvene on Monday after indulging in a three-week Summer Recess, but our return was called off after a few people at the Capitol tested positive.

Apparently, the ability of 80 individual lawmakers to comfortably quarantine (while getting paid) is more important than the right of 40 million Californians to a functioning government (which they pay for).

Once again, the collapse of California into one-man-rule is a two-step: abdication of responsibility by the Legislature, assumption of power by the Governor

You’d think the state’s worsening COVID situation would be reason for the Legislature to get back to work sooner, not later, to find public health solutions that don’t sacrifice our whole economy again. But legislative leaders are happy leaving everything to Gavin Newsom.

We know how that worked out last time.

Not too long ago, a prolonged absence by the California Legislature might have come as welcome news. But now we’ve seen what Gov. Newsom can do when he has the Capitol to himself.

As of yesterday, we’ve been informed the Legislature will remain adjourned until July 27, extending Summer Recess to 5 weeks on top of the 7-week Recess in March and April.

What if there is another confirmed case or two? Do we recess another fortnight?

As I told the Sacramento Bee, “What we can’t do is simply say, ‘Well, we’re just not gonna have a legislative branch this year.’ That’s harmful to the state as a whole in a way that far surpasses the marginal risk we as legislators take by being present in the building.”

It’s my job to fight for my constituents at the Capitol. That’s why they sent me there. They need representation now more than ever. They’re the ones suffering the consequences of our state’s botched pandemic response. And they’re the ones now being disenfranchised.

Any confirmed cases in any workplace, including the Capitol, must be taken seriously. It may be appropriate to take additional precautions. But forsaking our republican form of government can’t be one of them.