Yesterday, 18 Assembly Members voted for my bill to suspend the gas tax. Another 18 abstained from the vote. And 40 voted no, welcoming $6 per gallon with open arms. 

You can see how everyone voted here and watch the proceedings unfold on the Assembly Floor here. All Republicans and one Independent voted yes; all Democrats abstained or voted no.

The backlash was swift as legislators heard from their constituents. By late afternoon, one even put out an apologia, explaining she only voted no because she hadn’t “read” the bill. The bill is two pages long. 

Newsom’s reaction was beyond belief, even for him. He claimed my bill would “line the pockets of petro-dictatorship and oil companies,” adding that rising gas prices are “a direct result of Putin’s war.” 

Right after Newsom made this comment, Connecticut’s liberal Governor humiliated him by announcing he was suspending his state’s gas tax, exactly as I proposed. 

From yesterday’s events, it’s clear our government has never been more inept, corrupt, or out of touch. This is the time to join the fight for our state and country.

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