Gavin Newsom was the slowest governor to make the vaccine available and is now the quickest to make it mandatory. This mix of incompetence and overreach is the hallmark of California government.

As Governor, I would immediately end the State of Emergency and reverse Newsom’s outrageous mandates. State control will give way to liberty and citizen service.

Our government will be limited but effective. It will do the things government is supposed to do, do them well, and do nothing else. 

For example, I’ll build storage for our water rather than ordering citizens to stop using it. At our rally in Clovis on Saturday, I announced a plan to add 5 million acre-feet to our annual supply. 

This is the paradigm-shift Californians are demanding. As I told Steve Hilton on Fox News last night, the enthusiasm and excitement I’m seeing throughout the state is incredible. People can sense we are on the verge of something truly powerful.

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