Gavin Newsom will never be President. But apparently, no one has informed him of this fact.

The last few weeks, Newsom has left no doubt about his plans. And the press has noticed: 

  • “California governor Gavin Newsom lines up potential White House run” (Times of London)
  • Newsom “laying the groundwork for a future White House run” (NY Times)  
  • Newsom “positioning himself for a White House run in 2024” (Politico)

For years Newsom has tried to parlay his wrecking-ball governorship into national fame. It has been a comedy – and tragedy – of errors. (Watch the self-glorifying Mario Kart animation he made after his first year; read my chapter about how he tried to use COVID to launch a presidential run.)

Lately, the stunts have grown more frequent and more outrageous. Almost all his tweets are partisan attacks on Republicans like Ron DeSantis. Newsom also announced he’d joined President Trump’s Truth Social to “call out Republican lies.”

He even appears ready to push Kamala aside. Politico reports that top Democrats “aren’t so sure anymore that Newsom would stand down” if she runs. A top Kamala advisor snapped at Newsom, calling him “Icarus” for “flying too close to the sun.” 

I’m running for Congress to warn the rest of the country about what Gavin Newsom’s radical policies have done to California. But we may have to issue an even more urgent warning: about Newsom himself.

As our General Election campaign against Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked candidate is now in full swing, the votes in the Primary are finally almost all counted. We won the Primary by a 2.5-to-1 margin and finished first among all candidates.

Help me win in November and stop Newsom

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