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Yesterday, I questioned Attorney General Garland about last week’s verdict out of New York in People v. Trump. You might say he was caught off guard.

I had found a Court of Appeal opinion showing that last week’s convictions will not stand on appeal. The author of the opinion: Merrick Garland himself. You can watch the full cross-examination here and see a summary of Garland’s court opinion here.

I also asked Garland about an ongoing cover-up. In response to my previous questioning, Special Counsel Hur testified that a reasonable juror could have convicted President Biden of a felony for stealing classified documents to use in his book. Yet Hur did not recommend charges.

The reason, Hur explained, is his interviews with Biden revealed “diminished faculties and faulty memory.” We subpoenaed the Justice Department to allow Americans to hear those interviews, yet Biden/Garland won’t release the recordings. I called this blatantly illegal on the House Floor.

Meanwhile, I invited Orange County Board of Education Member Mari Barke to testify about how open border policies are overwhelming California schools. We discussed how Newsom’s disastrous policies have made the Biden border crisis worse in our state than anywhere else.

For Newsom, there simply is no bottom to his downward spiral. Rubio’s is closing 48 restaurants in California, citing the state’s terrible business climate. And the leader of the Democrat Supermajority just admitted the state has gotten worse during Newsom’s tenure.

Finally, our committee’s oversight of American universities is getting results. Harvard has now forced out its president, stopped requiring “diversity statements” for faculty, and pledged to no longer wade into politics. This likely signals the beginning of nationwide change. 

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