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With crime spiraling out of control in Oakland, Newsom has dramatically announced a “law enforcement surge operation” in the city. We’ve seen this movie before.

Last April, Newsom announced more CHP in LA to “crack down” on retail theft. In September, he announced 20 National Guard were off to the border to “crack down” on fentanyl. In October, he announced sending the Guard into San Francisco to “take down” the “poison peddlers.” 

This game of Whack-a-Mole is of course a hopeless one; it’s Newsom’s own reckless policies that are causing crime to spin out of control and the border crisis to worsen. Incredibly, he is still for Prop. 47 and for the Sanctuary State. 

While my bill to end sanctuary policies is moving through Congress, the end of Prop. 47 could come sooner. Our initiative has so much momentum it was just endorsed by the mayors of SF and San Jose. (If you requested a petition, it’s in the mail; please share End47.com with anyone who’d like to sign.)  

In DC this week, the tie vote on impeaching Mayorkas got most of the attention (that will be corrected next week), yet there were other key developments. The House passed several measures I co-sponsored to provide tax relief to small businesses and wildfire victims. 

And my legislation to overturn Biden’s anti-Independent Contractor rule now has 40 co-sponsors. Since Biden’s policy is based on Newsom’s AB 5 law, every day I’ve gone to the House Floor and shared the stories of Californians victimized by the law, such as John and Jodie.

I’m also convening my Subcommittee next Wednesday for an Oversight Hearing of Julie Su’s Labor Department. The last such hearing was when Biden’s OSHA Director shockingly denied imposing a COVID vaccine mandate, leading to our viral “COVID Memory Hole” video.

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