On March 16, I gave a speech in the State Assembly asking that we put partisanship aside and trust our Governor’s leadership in a moment of crisis. In the weeks since, Governor Newsom has repeatedly abused that trust and put politics front and center.

Sacramento Bee just called him “Gov. Gaslight” because he’s “making
announcements that turn out to be half-baked” and giving “reporters a reason to
be much more skeptical of what he says.” This from a paper that strongly endorsed him for Governor.

At yesterday’s press conference, Gov.
Newsom flatly denied he had considered closing all state beaches, even though
state police announced this was exactly what he was planning. Politico reported
within hours that the Governor’s statement was false.

When Gov. Newsom appeared on the
Rachel Maddow Show to announce a $1 billion deal with China’s disreputable BYD
Company, he tried to conceal the source, claiming he’d secured the masks
“through a manufacturer here in the State of California.” Asked to
confirm they’d be made in California, he admitted “they’ll be manufactured

The Governor’s headline-grabbing
announcement that Elon Musk had donated 1,000 ventilators turned out not to be
true. His news-making suggestion that Sleep Train Arena had been donated left
out the $500,000 per month cost to taxpayers.

The Sacramento Bee noted that Gov.
Newsom has frequently “hurried to get in front of the TV cameras without
worrying about the details.” And the New York Times observed that his attempts
to get national press coverage are interfering with policymaking – a complaint
of legislators in both parties last year.

At the peak of the health threat, the
Governor openly stated he would use the crisis to advance his political agenda,
calling it an “opportunity for reimagining a more progressive era” and an
“opportunity to reshape how we govern.”

A week later, he appointed the most
partisan person in America, Tom Steyer, to head the state’s Economic Recovery
Commission. Even before his failed presidential run, Steyer spent more money
than anyone on partisan political causes.

The Governor has also veered from the
truth in order to help the special interests that put him in office. After I
personally gave him a 200-page book of stories from people whose livelihoods
were destroyed by AB 5, he made one of the most stunning statements in
California political history: “I’m not sure those jobs were killed.”

Meanwhile, the Governor has aggrandized his own role in relation not only to the rest of the country – declaring California a “Nation State” – but also to the Legislature, which he falsely called the “second of three branches.” These issues of credibility have real consequences for public health and our economic recovery. The Governor needs to stop looking for political opportunities and start being honest with the people of California

Kevin Kiley is a Republican California Legislator fighting back against the Supermajority and Special Interests at the State Capitol. Sign up for updates to be part of our growing movement, and join other Californians of patriotism, decency, and common sense who want nothing more than to save our state.