For a Governor who keeps lowering the bar of decency, yesterday was rock bottom. 

In an unhinged press conference, Newsom blamed COVID-19 cases on “right-wing pundits” and “the folks that are behind this damn recall.” He hinted he might shut down schools again. He likened millions of Californians to drunk drivers. 

The reason for Newsom’s panic: A new LA Times/Berkeley poll shows support for the Recall has grown to 47 percent. The poll also shows our campaign is one of four that has pulled clearly ahead of the field.

If elected, I will be Newsom’s “polar opposite,” as James Gallagher put it. For one thing, I will never threaten you. I will never compare you to a criminal. I will never presume to know what’s best for you better than you do. I’ll trust and respect you. 

On Day 1, I will end the State of Emergency.

For every executive action Gavin Newsom has taken to violate our rights and diminish our freedoms I will take executive action to restore and defend them.

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