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The mayors of five Sanctuary Cities, including Los Angeles, have brazenly demanded $5 billion from Biden to deal with the migrant crisis. 

I just sent them a letter proposing a different idea: they end their sanctuary policies and support my legislation to abolish sanctuary jurisdictions nationwide. In the letter, which you can read here, I bluntly tell the mayors: 

Having directly interfered with federal immigration enforcement and invited illegal immigrants into your cities, it takes some gall to now suggest my constituents and other American taxpayers should foot the bill – even as you keep your sanctuary policies in place.”

On the legislative front, the House passed my Resolution condemning anti-semitism on college campuses. In my Floor speech, I called out university officials who have waded into every “progressive” political cause yet can’t bring themselves to condemn Hamas terrorists.

I also have two amendments that will be voted on next week. The first will de-fund Julie Su as long as she remains an illegitimate “Acting” Secretary. The second will ban mask mandates by Head Start; this follows Xavier Becerra’s humiliating response to my questions on the topic.

Meanwhile, the fallout from Newsom’s bald-faced COVID lies continues to grow. I spoke with Guy Benson of Fox News about his infuriating “local control” claims and also resurfaced my July 2020 press release, which directly refutes Newsom’s attempt to shift the blame for school shutdowns. 

The reason Newsom is lying, of course, is that his COVID performance was an unmitigated disaster. Along with having the nation’s worst lockdowns, California also had among the worst public health outcomes. He is desperate to rewrite history, and we are not going to let him.

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