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I’ve just returned from Israel, where I met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, visited the harrowing sites of the Hamas terrorist massacre, had a heartbreaking meeting with the families of hostages, went to the Gaza envelope and the Lebanon/Syria borders, and much more. 

Yet even while I was away, our battles at home intensified on a number of fronts.

Newsom and his cronies are in full panic mode over the End Prop. 47 initiative. Their attempt to stop signatures with a frivolous “complaint” against me failed miserably, and their use of an official filing to rant against “Kiley’s longstanding crusade against Prop. 47” is being ridiculed.

Yet now, the pro-criminal coalition has launched a six-figure ad campaign warning far-left voters that the initiative is “backed by Republicans like Rep. Kevin Kiley.” What they “fear,” Politico reports, is we’re about to “unravel” all the reckless laws they’ve inflicted on California.  

Julie Su, meanwhile, has come up with a truly brazen scheme. As the National Review explains, she is using her role as Biden’s Acting Labor Secretary to “forgive” – at taxpayer expense – the $33 billion in unemployment fraud she allowed as Newsom’s Labor Secretary.

The National Review goes on to note our success in defeating Su: “the Senate’s refusal to advance Su’s nomination is fueled in part by the objections of Kevin Kiley, a freshman California congressman.” And yet Biden’s lawlessness continues:

None of this — Representative Kevin Kiley’s one-man campaign to raise the alarm around Su’s nomination, the U.S. Senate’s refusal to approve her, the evidence of her incompetence in California, her self-dealing — has dented Biden’s determination to leave Su in charge.

I also spoke with Fox News about Newsom’s latest humiliation: A $73 billion deficit that is twice as large as he claimed. But for once, I agreed with the Governor. California really is a “model for the nation” – a model of precisely what not to do.

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