I have introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 46 to end the State of Emergency in California. It is jointly authored by Assemblyman James Gallagher and coauthored by Senators Jim Nielsen and Brian Dahle along with Assemblywoman Megan Dahle.

At a press conference this morning with county supervisors (video here), we called for an end to all state-level COVID restrictions in California. We also presented the 14 Resolutions passed by counties modeled on our Healthy Communities Resolution, to dispense with colors and tiers so people can make their own choices.

In a free society, the burden is on the government to provide a compelling justification for any restrictions on the liberty of citizens. There can be no such justification, not for another day, when California’s worst-in-the-nation lockdowns have produced the nation’s worst COVID-era outcomes.

At this moment, California has the nation’s second highest unemployment, lowest percent of kids at school, and 7th worst COVID-era mortality. To take one point of comparison, Florida’s unemployment is half California’s, all their kids can go to school compared to a small fraction of ours, and their health outcomes are better.

With Gavin Newsom, the cure hasn’t just been worse than the disease. It’s made the disease worse.

Meanwhile, Newsom officially launched his anti-Recall campaign just as a new poll shows 58.3 percent of Californians oppose his reelection. And he’s taking the campaign national, appearing today on The View for the third time since COVID begin – hoping for a more sympathetic audience outside of the state he’s running into the ground.

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