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Before a recent Zoom call, Gavin Newsom was recorded telling a story. While at Target he witnessed a thief simply walk out, merchandise in hand. Apparently shocked by this routine event in our state, Newsom berated a Target employee: “Why don’t you stop him!?” 

Not realizing who he was, the employee answered: “We don’t stop them because of the Governor, there’s no accountability.” Newsom was so offended he demanded to speak to her manager. But of course, she was absolutely correct: the Governor refuses to change Prop. 47. 

So we’ve taken matters into our own hands. On Saturday, I officially signed the petition to repeal Prop. 47 at an event with the District Attorneys of four counties. You can watch here the video where I sign the petition and the DAs explain how destructive the law has been.

If you know someone who’d like to sign, just have them go to End47.com and I’ll send them a petition. We have over 300,000 signatures and are getting closer to qualifying it for November’s ballot. This could be a major turning point in the fight to save our state.

And it is more needed than ever. Just over the last month: 

  • In San Francisco, the iconic store that inspired Toy Story closed after 86 years.
  • In Oakland, In-N-Out closed a restaurant for the first time ever. 
  • In LA, the famous Sweet Lady Jane closed all six locations permanently after 35 years. 

Meanwhile, Newsom has settled a lawsuit against him for $2 billion. The suit was brought by students harmed by his school shutdowns. The money will supposedly go to help students recover from learning loss. Taxpayers, of course, will foot the bill.

Finally, I discussed on Newsmax the latest insane laws to come out of California. If there’s one consistent theme, it’s that the solution is always restricting the freedom of citizens. It is never improving the performance of government.

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