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It’s official. Newsom is calling a Special Session of the Legislature for the sole purpose of raising taxes. Parody and reality have become indistinguishable.

The date of the Special Session, where legislators will vote to make gas even more expensive, is December 5. So Newsom is mailing out checks right before the election and scheduling a tax increase for right after. The coincidences are really adding up.

The timing also means I won’t be able to participate, as my tenure in the State Assembly ends on December 3. However, James Gallagher and Vince Fong will be there to push my gas tax suspension; the biggest profiteer from our insane gas prices, after all, is the government.

Speaking of boondoggles, a NY Times investigation has revealed the $100 billion High Speed Rail won’t be finished this century. One project operator “left for North Africa, which was less politically dysfunctional” than California. This is Newsom’s “model for the nation.”

Meanwhile, mail ballots arrive this week for every voter. This is the result of a COVID “emergency” order that Newsom quickly made permanent. Thanksgiving will mark 1000 days since the State of Emergency began and 922 days since I introduced legislation to terminate it.

As voting begins, our opponent’s attack ads have become increasingly shameless. With massive funding from Pelosi and the National Democrats, he has kept pounding the same smears that even his own far-left supporters at the Sacramento Bee called lies. 

These people are absolutely desperate to keep Pelosi in power and to keep our citizens movement from shaking up Washington, D.C.

Help me answer the attacks and oust Pelosi as Speaker

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