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Kevin Kiley is a Republican California Legislator fighting back against the Supermajority and Special Interests at the State Capitol and Washington D.C. Sign up for updates to be part of our growing movement, and join other Californians of patriotism, decency, and common sense who want nothing more than to save our state and our country.

On January 3, I will be sworn in to the 118th Congress as part of a new Republican Majority in the House of Representatives. 

With the reign of Nancy Pelosi over at last, several changes will be made immediately. On Day 1, we will reopen the U.S. Capitol to the public. We will end remote voting by Members of Congress. We will even read every word of the Constitution aloud from the House floor.

For the next two years, the House will be the locus of sanity – especially for Californians, whose State Capitol is still in the grip of a runaway Supermajority and farcical Governor. Even with divided government, the new House Majority has two powerful tools at our disposal.

The first is using must-pass bills as leverage. For example, we are finally ending Biden’s miliary vaccine mandate as part of the National Defense Authorization Act. I’m now calling for terminated service members to be reinstated and for university mandates to end as well.

The second tool is oversight. The House can conduct investigations, hold hearings, summon Biden officials, issue subpoenas, and much more – all on its own. Neither the Senate nor White House can stop us.

As one example, we are planning to investigate the Biden Administration’s “misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings.”

We will also investigate the suppression of free speech, the origins of COVID, the dereliction at Homeland Security and DOJ, the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party, the Afghanistan debacle, the abuses at the IRS, and the misuse of executive authority by Biden.

And yes, Anthony Fauci will testify – under oath. It all starts in three weeks.

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