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For months, I’ve asked for oversight hearings of the Newsom Administration’s botched COVID policies. Finally, the Legislature relented and granted my request.

In hearings at the Capitol, I cross-examined four top Administration officials about the monstrous school closures, the color-coded shutdown scheme, the disastrous data “glitch,” and the false COVID information that Newsom admits he gave the public.

Their responses were even more disturbing than I expected. You can watch video clips of each cross-examination here.

School ClosuresYesterday I questioned State Superintendent Tony Thurmond, who tipped his hand that the plan is to keep most schools closed the entire year or longer. He breathlessly cited “new data” that “COVID could be with us well beyond 2021.” Incredibly, when I asked him to disavow keeping schools closed for reasons unrelated to COVID, he wouldn’t even do that.

Business Shutdown: I questioned the state’s Public Health Officer about the arbitrariness of the latest color-coded system. She as much as admitted the Newsom Administration’s lockdown of whole counties is based not on science or what’s actually happening in the real world, but on what’s easiest to administer.

Data GlitchAfter a data “glitch” compromised California’s COVID case data, Gavin Newsom disappeared for a week and his Public Health Director resigned. I asked Newsom’s Chief Information Officer why the Administration failed to prepare for large volumes of lab tests when Newsom famously projected 25 million California cases. His response: “I’m not sure, I can’t really answer it.”

Newsom’s Misinformation: Finally, I asked the Chief Deputy Public Health Director why Gov. Newsom himself presented false COVID data to the public even after the Administration knew about the data glitch. “That is one of the quality control issues we have put back in place,” I was told.

In a way, I feel sorry for these Administration officials. In explaining Gavin Newsom’s job performance, they are forced to defend the indefensible.

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