Gas prices in California are now $1.75 above the national average. The refusal by Newsom and the Supermajority to pass my gas tax suspension bill is more dumbfounding than ever.

Earlier this year we forced several votes on the bill. This led on one occasion to unprecedented chaos on the Assembly Floor; on another to a moment of total humiliation for the Supermajority; and finally to an unheard-of motion to erase the evidence of what had occurred.

But the most important evidence remains: You can still see how your legislator voted on each attempt. TV ads across the state are now informing voters which legislators refused to support my bill. This ad, for example, targets a Democrat Legislator now running for Congress. 

Instead of suspending the gas tax, Newsom and the Supermajority passed a bill in June to hand out “inflation relief” checks. But no one has gotten a check yet. They’re waiting a few more weeks to send them so that your check arrives the same day as your ballot.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, is touting his farcical “Inflation Reduction Act.” Over two-thirds of Americans say the Act won’t reduce inflation, but that isn’t stopping Biden from calling for “every single Republican” to be voted out of Congress for opposing it.

Anyone who desires that kind of absolute power shouldn’t be trusted with power at all. Biden has, however, admitted that the pandemic is “over.” I am calling on Newsom to follow suit by ending the State of Emergency. 

If he doesn’t, he may finally get his own comeuppance. Biden’s slip may be just what it takes for our courts to end this absurdity once and for all. 

Help me take on Newsom and Biden

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