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This was an action-packed last week at the Capitol. Next week will be as well. Here’s a brief overview of the legislative deadlines. And here are the worst remaining bills:

  • AB 2223 is in the Appropriations Committee. Watch my discussion with Charlie Kirk about the horror of this legislation.
  • AB 2098, the COVID “misinformation” bill, is also in Appropriations.
  • AB 1479, the COVID testing bill, is in Senate Education.
  • AB 2932, mandating a 32-hour work week, is in the Labor Committee. I discussed on Newsmax how this has again made California a national laughingstock. 

Several awful bills are of course already dead.

This all comes at a moment of turmoil for the Supermajority: their botched attempt to butcher my gas tax bill, the implosion of the “Vaccine Work Group” bill package, Newsom backtracking on the student mandate, and the committee chair’s profanity-laden meltdown. 

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. Our battles at the Capitol are about to hit full throttle.

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