Joe Biden uses the term “Neanderthal” to describe governors who don’t follow the advice of the CDC. That now includes the Governor of California.

Gavin Newsom says that while he doesn’t dispute the CDC’s new guidance dispensing with masks, he will nevertheless ignore it. At this point, he’s no longer even pretending to care about “science.”

I’m calling on Newsom to stop defying the CDC and to immediately end the statewide mask mandate. A society that forces citizens to hide their faces for no reason has truly become dystopian.

I’m also calling on the Legislature to pass ACR 46, my Resolution to end all COVID restrictions and terminate this “State of Emergency” once and for all.

Finally, I’m calling on the Legislature to pass AB 327, my bill to stop Newsom from imposing vaccine passports. A new poll shows a vast majority of Californians support my proposal, with only a third in favor of a government passport system.

Yet Newsom says he “continues to watch and see how these technologies can be used.” He clearly wants to extend the worst features of the COVID era as long as he possibly can, perhaps indefinitely.

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