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I just left the U.S. Supreme Court, where I’ve asked the Court to restore the ability of local communities to clear homeless encampments from our public spaces. Based on this morning’s oral argument, the Court appears poised to do just that. (See my reaction outside the courthouse.)

There are 9 times more unsheltered homeless in California than any other state. Newsom, of course, is largely responsible. But another major factor is irrational court decisions that created a right to set up tent encampments anywhere and stopped cities from doing anything about it. 

This has caused encampments to multiply unchecked, resulting in crime, waste, fires, disease, business closures, and the deterioration of many parks and downtowns. It has also meant a lack of compassion for homeless individuals, who don’t get the help they need.

Based on what I witnessed today at the Supreme Court, I believe at least 6 Justices are prepared to rein in the 9th Circuit’s nonsensical rules in a meaningful way and restore significant power to local communities. That will be transformative for many communities in our state.

This comes on the heels of some other exciting news. The initiative to End Prop. 47 has submitted over 900,000 signatures. Just 546,651 valid signatures are required, so it has very likely qualified for the ballot in November. Thank you to all who signed!

This means the Newsom camp’s desperate attempt to stop signatures was a complete bust. And it means voters will have a chance to reverse one of the worst laws ever – which I believe they will emphatically. (See my interview on what Prop. 47 has done to our state.) 

These two developments – getting a handle on homelessness and restoring consequences for crime – will go a long way to reversing California’s downward trajectory. The path back to sanity is coming into view. 

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