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Yesterday Special Counsel Hur testified before the Judiciary Committee about Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. Hur found evidence Biden committed a crime, but opted not to charge him – in part because of his “diminished faculties.”

My exchange with Hur is being called the “most newsworthy part” of the five-hour hearing and the “most viral clip.” I asked him: “A reasonable juror could have voted to convict [Biden] based on the facts?” Hur responded: “Correct.”

For Biden and Democrats on the committee, who absurdly called Hur’s report an “exoneration,” this was nothing short of a disaster. You can watch the key moment here and my full five minutes of questioning here.

Yesterday I also gave a State of the Union rebuttal from the House Floor, identifying and refuting Biden’s 10 most delusional statements. It turns out they had quite a bit in common with the Newsom’s delusional statements in the Fox News debate. 

Speaking of Newsom, things keep getting worse for him. His approval rating is the “lowest since he took office.” And in a clear vote of no confidence, his signature Proposition 1 initiative is at risk of failing; the vote count is essentially tied despite Newsom spending $12 million.

New job numbers show California is second worst in the nation, while new crime numbers show we lead the nation in car thefts. The good news is we’re getting closer to qualifying the initiative to end Prop. 47 with a month to go – you can still share End47.com to help get signatures.

Meanwhile, our investigation of American universities continues, with a hearing to interrogate Columbia’s President. And I’ve sent a letter to the nation’s 40 most backwards universities – the ones that still have COVID mandates – with a simple message: the age of insanity is over.

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