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Yesterday I held my first hearing as Chair of the House Subcommittee on Workforce Protections. It was about Biden’s attempt to inflict Newsom’s most catastrophic policies on the entire country. 

I used part of my opening, which you can watch here, to let people across the country know what has happened to our state:

Ronald Reagan, in his Inaugural Address as Governor, said California should never take second place. We were the state where anyone could get ahead.

“Now, sadly, we’ve become the state many can’t wait to leave behind. We do lead the nation – but in all the wrong ways: poverty, inequality, taxes, regulations, income stagnation, and yes, departures. In 2022, for the third straight year, California ranked first among the fifty states in U-Haul rentals.

“In its current condition, California is the last place that should be a bellwether for political change in America. Yet that is exactly how President Biden seems to see it.

The hearing had two goals: to stop Newsom’s policy, AB 5, from being adopted nationwide; and to stop Newsom’s acolyte, Julie Su, from being confirmed as Labor Secretary. Today, it’s being reported that Su’s nomination is now in serious doubt.

Earlier this week there was another major hearing. I was in New York with the Judiciary Committee to examine the reckless crime policies of “progressive” prosecutors. I used my five minutes of questioning to highlight the chaos in LA and SF.

Finally, I’ve just introduced a Constitutional Amendment. Currently, Newsom is chomping at the bit for Dianne Feinstein to resign, so he can appoint a crony in her place. My Amendment requires all U.S. Senators to be elected rather than appointed.

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