Attorney General Xavier Becerra is facing a record six lawsuits for writing fraudulent descriptions of the Propositions on our November ballots. Instead of actually saying what the initiatives will do, Becerra inserted poll-tested language from special interests.

This is the same as “ballot box stuffing or denying voters the right to vote,” wrote Dan Walters in CalMatters.

The description of the initiative to undo Prop. 13 doesn’t even mention it’s a tax increase.

Beccera, who keeps a running tally of his own taxpayer-funded lawsuits against the federal government (now 90), has been sued for election fraud before. In 2018, he used a fraudulent ballot title to single-handedly defeat the Gas Tax Repeal

In recent days, every major newspaper in the state has condemned Becerra:

-San Jose Mercury News: “Tricking the electorate into believing they’re voting for one thing when they’re really getting another is a formula for increased cynicism.”

– LA Times “The attorney general’s office often forsakes impartiality in favor of loaded and misleading language designed to sway voters.”

-SF Chronicle: “Once again, the attorney general’s office is being legitimately accused of skewing the language in favor of one side of an issue.”

Yet the Legislature refuses to pass my legislation to take this power away from Becerra and put it in the hands of a nonpartisan official.

In yet another abuse of power, the bill hasn’t even received a hearing.

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