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Our much-anticipated profile in the Washington Examiner Magazine is out today. I think it came out pretty well. (Though I’m not sure what I think about the cartoon caricature…you can see for yourself here!)

The headline is “Rep. Kevin Kiley warns against the California-fication of America.” It’s timely considering a horrifying post from Newsom just yesterday: “The future happens here first,” he said.

It also comes amid news of another Newsom cover-up. Students are suing California over the catastrophic learning loss they suffered from his COVID shutdown. Two Stanford professors want to testify for the students – but they’re being barred from doing so.

The Department of Education, run by Newsom ally Tony Thurmond, told the professors they are forbidden from testifying against the state. To assure their silence, the Department has threatened to block access to education data they need for their research.

It’s so bad the ACLU is preparing to sue California for violating the First Amendment. You can listen to my interview about the cover-up on Armstrong & Getty. 

Meanwhile, as the President continues his “Bidenomics” rebrand, I’m using my Chairmanship of the Workforce Subcommittee to meet this farce with facts. This included an appearance on CSPAN’s Washington Journal talk show, where I was flooded with calls from Biden apologists. 

All the while, investigations into the President and his Administration are escalating on Capitol Hill. The Judiciary Committee, of which I’m a member, has already been the center of the action this Congress. It promises to be even more so in the crucial weeks and months ahead.

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