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In-N-Out is closing its Oakland location because of out-of-control crime. “Our customers and Associates are regularly victimized by car break-ins, property damage, theft and armed robberies,” the company said. This is Newsom’s “model for the nation.”

Newsom is now on his way to South Carolina to tout this “model” as he campaigns for Biden in the Democrat Primary. It’s the latest move in an awkward dance between the two of them. 

On one hand, Biden is suspicious of Newsom’s not-so-subtle desire to push him and Kamala aside. He also knows Newsom is politically toxic, with an all-time low approval rating. Yet at the same time, Biden continues to adopt Newsom’s worst policies and promote his worst people.

That’s why I was back at the State Capitol yesterday. Republican Leader Gallagher and I announced a joint effort to stop Biden’s attempt to nationalize Newsom’s vile AB 5 law and to reverse the state law itself. You can see our speeches here.

We pointed out Newsom is running our economy into the ground: California’s unemployment rate just climbed to 5.1 percent, second worst in the nation; the state has a $68 billion deficit and defaulted on a $20 billion federal loan; GDP growth and wage growth are stagnant.

And when it comes to the cause of In-N-Out’s first-ever closure – total lawlessness – Newsom is standing by the disastrous Prop. 47. In 2022, my bill to repeal the infamous initiative was voted down in a truly incredible hearing of the Public Safety Committee. 

The good news is there is a statewide initiative rapidly gathering signatures to reverse Prop. 47 this year. The stakes in 2024 for our state and country could not be higher. And our movement of California citizens, parents, and patriots has never been stronger.

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