The head of the National Teachers Union, a close Biden and Newsom ally, is asking for “amnesty” for all COVID era crimes – namely, keeping schools closed and kids miserable. 

This was not an apology. She simply demanded there be no accountability for the most catastrophic policy mistake of our time, one carried out for the most corrupt of reasons – more catastrophically and more corruptly in California than anywhere.

To justify amnesty, she cites an article in The Atlantic that concedes school closures were the wrong move but offers an alibi: “In spring and summer 2020, we had only glimmers of information.” This is wrong on three levels. 

First, the data was very clear. In July of 2020, I urged Newsom – publicly and personally – to open all schools. That December, I outlined in two chapters Newsom’s scheme to cover up the data and keep schools closed.

Second, school closures continued for another year. The Supermajority rejected my Amendment to open all schools on March 4, 2021, leading me to give my most scathing speech ever on the Assembly Floor.

Third – and most importantly – they are still at it! Large school districts have enforced mask mandates this fall. Newsom is chomping at the bit to re-activate his student vaccine mandate. Even today, #BringBackMasks is trending on Twitter. 

If “amnesty” is desired, we can grant it in this form: by relieving every politician who harmed our kids of any further responsibilities. That means voting against Newsom and his apologists, decisively defeating my opponent Kermit Jones, and electing these 200 pro-parent school board candidates.

In six days, this kind of amnesty will deliver a measure of justice. More than that, it can rekindle our institutions of liberty and self-government.

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