The Legislature is only in session three more weeks. Yet it’s cancelling oversight hearings on wildfires and the EDD. Stopping bad press for Gavin Newsom is apparently more important than stopping fires and fraud.

Legislators are as desperate as Newsom to stop the Recall. The one thing they respond to is the fear of losing their jobs. They know that when the Governor loses his job, it will be a whole new ball game.

As Governor, after ending the State of Emergency and all mandates, I’d present the Legislature with a choice: work with me to reverse California’s decline, or face the same fate as Newsom in next year’s election.

It would be a wave election. Everywhere I go, people are demanding change. On Saturday I had events in liberal Santa Cruz and conservative Bakersfield, and enthusiasm was off the charts at both. Gavin Newsom is bringing our state together.

Finally, I was honored that Ken, from the legendary John and Ken show with 1.2 million weekly listeners, shared on the air that I’d received his vote, saying, “We desperately need a new generation.”

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