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On Wednesday, we voted in the Judiciary Committee to hold Hunter Biden in criminal contempt. That is a routine step for any witness who defies a Congressional subpoena. Yet in a wild scene, Hunter decided to show up and crash one of the hearings – before abruptly fleeing.

In their own cartoonish way, Hunter’s antics encapsulate the growing lawlessness of this Administration. For instance, Biden has baldly “re-nominated” his “Acting” Secretary of Labor Julie Su, who was rejected by the Senate last year yet has clung to power nonetheless.

Worse, with Congress having rejected his attempt to nationalize Newsom’s vile AB 5 law, Biden is simply imposing the policy on America by Executive Decree. This week, he announced an “Independent Contractor” rule that takes a sledgehammer to the American workforce.

On the House Floor, I read a list of all 600 professions that have been decimated by Newsom’s law in California. I also outlined every possible tool I am using to block Biden’s rule, including fast-track legislation to nullify it and language in the Appropriations bill to de-fund it.

Elsewhere, in a deposition on Capitol Hill, Anthony Fauci said “I don’t recall” over 100 times and admitted the “6 feet apart” COVID rule was not based on data but “just sort of appeared.” Turns out “following the science” meant making things up.

And Newsom rolled out his budget, falsely claiming the $68 billion deficit is “only” $38 billion (the nonpartisan LAO says otherwise). Particularly revealing: Newsom is cutting support for foster kids as he insists on providing free healthcare to everyone in California illegally.

It has never been so clear that Newsom’s California is the furthest thing from a “model for the nation.” It is a warning to the nation.

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