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The President of the University of Pennsylvania has resigned following her disgraceful testimony before our committee last week. The hearing is being described as the “Waterloo” for campus wokeness and a “tipping point” for our wayward universities.

The fate of Harvard’s President will perhaps be decided today. Elise Stefanik and I have made it clear that anything short of termination is unacceptable; 70 Members of Congress have now joined us. Tomorrow, I’m giving a major speech in the House on repairing America’s universities. 

As an initial step, last Thursday the House passed a bill I sponsored called the DETERRENT Act. This legislation will stop China and other foreign adversaries from continuing to gain influence through secretly funding our universities and dictating their curricula.

Meanwhile, the Sac Bee reports my Floor Speech fact-checking Newsom took up “four single-spaced pages” in the Congressional Record. (I could have filled a volume.) The video is now my most widely watched on YouTube and is spreading our warning about Newsom nationwide.

Yet even in the last week, Newsom’s failures have grown more extreme. After he boasted to Hannity earlier this year that California had an “operating surplus, the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst just announced we’re facing a staggering $68 billion.

At the same time, Newsom has successfully lobbied Biden for another $3.1 billion for High-Speed Rail. While I helped deny HSR funding in the House Appropriations bill, Biden nevertheless has decided to keep the biggest boondoggle in U.S. history on life support.

Finally, Biden’s CDC Director is refusing to rule out another child mask mandate. Fortunately, my amendment to stop such a mandate passed in the House for Head Start. As for the CDC, we are preparing an investigation into their baffling failures with respect to the secret Chinese bio lab.

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