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Governor Newsom’s 38th Executive Order, requiring all-absentee voting in November’s Election, is a stunning abuse of power.

Two bills currently in the Legislature propose this same policy. But the Governor rushed to enact it on his own so he could declare California the “first state in the nation” to go all-absentee. (Other states are still functioning democracies where new laws need to pass a Legislature.)

With the November Election six months away, there is no reason for the Governor to use emergency powers. He claims counties “must begin taking action now,” but we know that’s not true. The pair of Special Elections currently underway were ordered to be all-absentee a mere three weeks before ballots were mailed.

In truth, there was only one cause for urgency: the race for headlines. And Gov. Newsom got what he wanted.

Politico: California Becomes First State To Make November an All-Mail Ballot Election

Vox: California Becomes the First State To Send All Voters Mail-In Ballots for November Election

Deadline: Joe Biden Praises Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Mail-In Voting Order

Exercising emergency powers to address a public health crisis is necessary and appropriate. Exploiting these powers to advance a political agenda is illegal and dangerous. Meanwhile, several legislators blissfully cheered this usurpation of their constitutional authority. One Assembly Member wrote: “This. Is. Wonderful. Thank you Gavin Newsom!”