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We are at a critical juncture in our fight against Gavin Newsom’s one-man rule, on three fronts: the lawsuit, yesterday’s Conference of North State Representatives, and the election.

The Case: To state the obvious, it’s taking longer than we thought to get a decision. Many people have asked why. The honest answer is I don’t know.

If anything, I’d point to the Judge stating several times at trial that she thinks this case is very important. I’d also note that our more far-reaching legal theory, that the entire Emergency Services Act is unconstitutional, recently received new scholarly support.

Some have also asked about an Oct. 28 entry on the court’s docket showing there was a “ruling.” This appears to just be in reference to a previously decided motion about evidence.

The Conference: Yesterday, I joined with James Gallagher and other legislators in our region to convene a conference of 15 counties, most of whom sent the Chair of their Board of Supervisors. 

We met for 5 hours in Red Bluff. There was much agreement on ways to fight back against the unscientific lockdown scheme and the monstrous school closures. Expect to hear more on this soon as a plan for concerted action is discussed and ratified by each county.

As I hoped, a similar effort is now getting underway in Southern California. As CalMatters reports, “counties across California are forming coalitions to challenge what they say is prolonged top-down rule from Sacramento.” 

What’s most important is that this is a representative process driven by citizen input at the local level – the exact opposite of the Newsom Autocracy. 

The Election: With national politics dominating the 2020 election, it unfortunately hasn’t served as a clear referendum on Newsom’s failures.

But after Tuesday, this will become the foremost political imperative in California and possibly the whole country: defeating a Governor who has accelerated our state’s decline beyond anything we could have imagined.

This may be Gavin Newsom’s one great service. By putting every perversity of our State Capitol on display like never before, he could be catalyzing a fundamental realignment in California politics.

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