Joe Biden is coming to campaign for Gavin Newsom. Imagine being so afraid of losing your job that you make the president stop doing his.

Newsom begged Biden to fly out for a political rally. That’s his priority, even as California kids are trapped in Afghanistan.

This comes with Election Day now a week away. We had a whirlwind of events in Southern California this weekend, and I was honored to speak about religious liberty at Godspeak Calvary Chapel. You can watch my full remarks here.

Newsom has attacked religious liberty unlike any governor, and that’s no accident. A vibrant faith community is always a threat to a corrupt government. Our next governor must put worship and fellowship beyond the reach of any bureaucrat. 

Meanwhile, Newsom’s NO campaign has become the most cynical in California history. Its lies are being called out by even the mainstream media, and its entire premise is that decline and failure are inevitable. 

The premise of the YES campaign, by contrast, is that California is worth fighting for. That a free people always has the power to make tomorrow better than today.

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