A New Low for Newsom with “California Coup” Stunt

Only in California would a vote of the people be considered a coup.

Yesterday, the chair of the State Democratic Party and other top Newsom allies held a press conference to oppose the Recall titled, “Defending against the California Coup.” Here’s how CalMatters began its story on the event:

“When is a constitutionally outlined petition campaign to remove an elected leader actually a ‘treasonous’ effort to subvert the democratic process. According to the California Democratic Party, when Republicans are on one side of the campaign and Gov. Gavin Newsom is on the other.”

It’s hard to imagine a greater sign of desperation. As Politico’s California reporter noted, “This press conference does not happen unless Gavin Newsom is seriously worried about the recall effort.” 

Observers of all political affiliations blasted the stunt, once again showing Newsom’s wonderful ability to bring people together – in opposition to him. His own former deputy chief of staff said, “It’s absolutely insane to frame a recall where the voters go to the polls a coup.” Many people pointed out it minimized the horrifying events of last week for Newsom’s own political gain.

One leading Democratic strategist said the press conference “was most likely deeply damaging” both to “Newsom and Democratic party efforts to stall the recall.” In perhaps the most ominous sign for Newsom, the Party Chair implied they might “put forward an alternative candidate on the recall ballot should the grassroots effort qualify.”

That didn’t work out so well in 2003 for Cruz Bustamante, whose farcical “No on the Recall, Yes on Bustamante” campaign was a total bust. If the Recall succeeds, voters are unlikely to settle for more of the same.

That’s because the California public has never been more attentive to the failures of our state government. A successful Recall, more than just a change of personnel, promises change of a more fundamental kind, reshuffling the stacked deck of our political system. It can set our state on a new course, restoring the greatest gift of our Founders: government that is truly by the people.

It’s the exact opposite of a “coup.” And it’s why Gavin Newsom and the political class he represents are panicking.

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