Gavin Newsom has to be close to a record for the number of bills and orders he’s signed that have been ruled unconstitutional. A court just rebuked him again, overturning a law imposing quotas on businesses.

Of course, Newsom had to read about the decision from the undisclosed tropical country where’s he vacationing for two weeks. And now the Legislature has joined him on Spring Break, recessing without doing anything about gas prices.

A credit to Fox 40 for pointing out the absurdity of this, in a segment that breaks down the Supermajority’s bizarre series of maneuvers against my gas tax bill – and how we forced them to backtrack. Watch the story and my interview here.

When the Legislature returns on April 18, things will move quickly. The awful bills we’re fighting against (the Vaccine Work Group bills as well as AB 2223) must pass out of committee by April 29 or they’re dead. That’s the rule, though the Supermajority does have a habit of waiving its own rules. 

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