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Gavin Newsom just outright denied all responsibility for California’s COVID debacle. Asked about his widely criticized shutdowns, Newsom claimed he allowed “local control” and that as Governor he had “little ability to determine” COVID policies.

This is a lie of historic proportions. School shutdowns, business shutdowns, church shutdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates – all were done unilaterally by Newsom. Not through “local control.” You can see the video clip and my response here.

We will not let Newsom escape responsibility for the nightmare he put us through. With each step he takes towards the national stage – with every falsehood he utters – I will set the record straight and assure every American knows what he’s done to our beautiful state.

Newsom, of course, is aware of that. Which is why he has sent his “Deputy Secretary” to run against me, set her up with Eric Swalwell’s campaign manager, and started orchestrating ridiculous “Unmask Kevin Kiley” rallies throughout my district.

You can see some photos from their latest rally here. The demonstrators stood at an intersection with signs reading, “Kick out Kiley,” “Kiley is bad for CD 3,” “Kiley is not one of us,” and “smash the patriarchy.” 

Towards the end of his China trip, Newsom tried to show off his basketball skills. He tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his face (taking down a grade-school child with him). You can see the video here; it will be the lasting image of his widely ridiculed trip to China. 

With your help, it will be the lasting image of his entire political career. As Newsom attempts to rewrite history, remove me from Congress, and vault himself to the White House, it is up to us to fight back and stop him. The future of our state and country depends on it.

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