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This weekend, Gavin Newsom received an early President’s Day gift: an Emerson poll showing he would lose in a historic double-digit landslide if he’s the Democrat presidential nominee. 

It came just a few days after an LA Times survey found that Americans, by an overwhelming 3 to 1 margin, say Newsom’s California is a model to “avoid” rather than “copy.” (Incredibly, Newsom’s propaganda shop saw this as something to boast about.) 

Yet one person on the “copy” side happens to be Joe Biden. Last week, I convened my subcommittee and summoned one of his top appointees, WHD Administrator Jessica Looman, who’s conspiring with Julie Su to nationalize Newsom’s most disastrous policies.

In my opening, I noted Su has tripled the record for a failed nominee clinging to power, calling it an affront to the Constitution and insult to the American people. When I cross-examined Looman, she became extremely flustered, unable to defend taking Newsom’s failures national.

Elsewhere: we’re broadening our inquiry into the illegal Chinese biolab, serving interrogatories on the CDC; amidst the latest election shenanigans, I’m calling for an end to the “Top 2” Primary; and in a national TV interview, I listed the key features of Newsom’s “model” of failure.

And some good news: the Initiative to End Prop. 47 now has over 400,000 signatures. A total of 546,000 signatures is required by mid-April, but we need a very big cushion as some will be invalidated. (Please share End47.com with anyone who’d like to sign.)

We have so much momentum, in fact, that the Legislature is now trying to undermine the initiative. The Supermajority just introduced the “Retail Theft Reduction Act.” It’s a total ploy, as the bill leaves Prop. 47 intact. It will be about as effective as the “Inflation Reduction Act.”

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