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Gavin Newsom is a desperate man. He cancelled the State of the State. His approval rating is at an all-time low. His “Prop. 1” barely limped across the finish line. He’s fallen out of favor in the Biden Back-up sweepstakes. And his cherished Prop. 47 is about to be toppled. 

So Newsom is resorting to what he’s often done: trying to suppress voters. Courts have repeatedly rebuked him for these tactics, as when Newsom tried to remove ballot drop boxes from churches because he didn’t like how the congregants might vote. 

His latest move is a laughably frivolous complaint, filed by a known crony, that aims to stop people from signing the End Prop. 47 petition. Bizarrely, the filing veers into a personal rant against me. It reads as part diatribe, part self-therapy from a man who knows the end is near:  

Kiley’s longstanding crusade to repeal Proposition 47…Kiley has long been closely identified with the repeal of Proposition 47…In the Assembly, he sponsored and championed the bill to repeal Proposition 47…Kiley has been active in promoting the [repeal] Ballot Measure…he has provided crucial public awareness for the initiative.”

Of course, Newsom’s personal attacks are nothing new. The day we forced a vote on ending the COVID emergency – just before California hosted the Super Bowl – Newsom lashed out: “Apparently, Asm. Kiley and Gallagher believe it would have been better to let Californians die.”

Newsom knows the initiative is close to qualifying. But with the deadline approaching we can’t let up. I’m mailing out one more set of petitions, so please share End47.com with anyone who’d like to sign one. 

Meanwhile in Washington, we have several high-profile hearings coming up, where I’ll have the chance to interrogate Biden’s worst Cabinet members. (See last year’s interrogations: Garland, Wray, Su, Becerra, Cardona, Mayorkas).

And following my letter, the Ignorant 50 is now the Ignorant 44. Six more colleges have finally dropped their COVID vaccine mandates. Slowly but surely, sanity is returning and our citizens movement is growing. No wonder Newsom is so desparate. 

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