Join The Fight

Kevin Kiley is a Republican California Legislator fighting back against the Supermajority and Special Interests at the State Capitol and Washington D.C. Sign up for updates to be part of our growing movement, and join other Californians of patriotism, decency, and common sense who want nothing more than to save our state and our country.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who has signed the petition to end Prop. 47. We are about to mail out a last set of petitions; you can still share End47.com with anyone who’d like to sign one.

This initiative is part of a growing citizens movement to restore sanity to California. The fact is, our politicians have failed us. The Governor has failed us. The Supermajority has failed us. So the people of California have taken matters into their own hands. 

Our state’s failed politics have caused an epidemic of retail theft, smash-and-grabs, violent crime, open drug use, overdoses, homelessness, and countless other problems. A number of our communities are falling apart. The greatest state in the country has become the most popular state to leave.

Just the last couple days brought alarming images of decay from the streets of Sacramento (right in front of the State Capitol) and shocking footage of stealing with impunity. These scenes do not belong in any modern society. 

But what we’ve seen this last few months is there are so many Californians who refuse to accept decline and failure as inevitable. There are so many patriotic citizens who believe our state and country are worth fighting for.

You are making your voice heard with this initiative. You are proving that the three most powerful words in our Constitution are still the first three: We the People.

If we keep up the pace these last few weeks of signature gathering, we’ll have the chance to begin setting our state on a new course in November.