In response to my last post, the Governor’s Office has released a diatribe calling the State of Emergency “perfectly legal.” This comes after the Governor himself was caught on television admitting it is unnecessary, and thus, illegal.

In Orwell’s classic 1984, the regime’s slogans are: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” The propaganda of the Newsom regime has become eerily similar.

  • Newsom has started calling California the “real Freedom state.” This is a governor who literally threatened to impose Martial Law.
  • Newsom says “Republicans are trying to destroy public education.” This is a governor who shut down public schools while keeping his own kids in private school.
  • Newsom says California is a “model for the nation.” This is a state people are leaving in record numbers.

The list goes on: Newsom has signed an “inflation relief” bill that experts agree will make inflation even worse. And if you’re a senior on a fixed income, Newsom says tough luck – you won’t be receiving one of his checks.

Meanwhile, San Diego Unified’s Board President has reduced education policy to a simple slogan: Wear a mask or drop out of school. This is despite yet another study – out of California’s own universities – finding that “school-based mask mandates have limited to no impact.” 

Another famous line from 1984 comes from the protagonist: “Freedom is the freedom to say two plus two makes four.” The reason Newsom keeps targeting us is we’re speaking the truth. That, to him and his cronies, is the most dangerous thing of all.

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