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Here is a 138-page document most of us thought we’d never see, at least not in this country.

It lays bare the anatomy of one-man rule, listing every Executive Order Gavin Newsom has issued, every law he’s changed.

It’s a testament to the collapse of constitutional government in California. These are the raw numbers:

  • 1 Emergency Declaration
  • 188 Days
  • 53 Executive Orders
  • Over 400 laws changed

Of the well over 400 laws he’s amended, suspended, or overhauled since declaring a State of Emergency on March 4, each one was duly enacted through the legislative process set out in the Constitution. And each one was undone by Newsom with the stroke of a pen.

He’s also created countless new laws out of whole cloth – something not even the Emergency Services Act allows.

This is not a democracy. It’s a monarchy.

While it was a public health emergency that Newsom declared, he has not stuck to the Public Health Code. The tentacles of his reign reach into 16 other codes, touching nearly every facet of California life:

Businesses & Professions, Civil Procedure, Corporations, Education, Elections, Family, Financial, Government, Harbors & Navigation, Health & Safety, Labor, Public Resources, Revenue & Taxation, Unemployment Insurance, Vehicle, and Welfare & Institutions.

Our Founders had good reasons for rejecting autocratic models of government in favor of separation of powers, checks and balances, and the rule of law – all of which Gavin Newsom has discarded.

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